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VIZ Media Invests in Anime Start-Up Company Kitsu

It’s great to see up and coming businesses and ideas get the funding they need.

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Kitsu, a startup changing the way the community experiences anime, announced today that it has raised $600,000 in a seed round between San Francisco, California-based entertainment company VIZ Media, LLC, and Manila, Philippines-based entrepreneur Bernard Chong. Kitsu will use these funds to build out its world-class content discovery platform at kitsu.io, led by Kitsu founder and CEO, Josh Fabian, who started the project under the Hummingbird name. Josh previously was Lead Designer, Groupon Stores, and Lead Designer, oBaz.

“What makes me most excited about where Kitsu is going is how easy it’s going to be to connect with other anime and manga fans,” said Josh Fabian, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kitsu. “We’ve been very proactive and thoughtful about how exactly to approach the social component of anime, and we think what we have will continue to drive that conversation moving forward.”

As part of the investment, Bernard…

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Manga Creator/Artist Jobs


Manga Creator Jobs

This section is for manga creators looking for freelance work. Updated: 1/21/2017

Black Manga comic

Deadline: January 31, 2017

Job Details:

I would like to create a black manga comic book with your help and expertise to achieve this. I use manga studio but not good at all and I have not got the time or patience to create this comic. I want to get this comic launched this year.

Contact through Guru.com: Sinclaire Cole

Website: http://www.guru.com/jobs/black-manga-comic/1318626&ItemNo=3&SearchUrl=search.aspx

Graphic Novel Manga Artist

Deadline: Until Filled

Job Details:

The Crocodile Princess: A Wuxia Martial Arts Fantasy Novel of Old China
Keller Entertainment Group Los Angeles is looking for a Graphic Novel Manga artist to illustrate a Graphic Novel. Will be 200 drawings in color high resolution. Good success fee if novel is sold and generates revenue.

KEG is a small  production company geared towards script development and film making. We believe that quality storytelling is the driving force of all great films that stand the test of time and truly inspire. Please be familiar with graphic novel/comic book semi realistic manga art. Know how to draw action and martial art fighting. Please see below for summary and see attached ofr desired images and outline of Graphic Novel wich you will illustrate.

So if you’re a manga artist and are interested in this position please send along your resume and sample manga drawings that you think will fit. You will have an English language graphic novel script on which to create your drawings.

Contact through Upwork.com: Max Keller

Website: https://www.upwork.com/job/Graphic-Novel-Manga-Artist_~016301a288190cf426/

Manga artist/Comic book artist

Deadline: March 6, 2017

Job Details:

I am creating a groundbreaking action packed Manga and I’m in need of an illustrator to complete a black and white comic book version, 1 season long, 20 issues(roughly 15-20 pages). This job is preferably for someone with advance manga drawing experience, comic book experience, and/or experience creating digital comics. I’m willing to pay $200 per b/w issue and $100 per colored cover for each issue.

Seeds of Arcadia is a three part series about a wormhole leading to a massive planet holding other wormholes. While they search for other wormholes, the human teleks must battle a dangerous AI that has made its way onto the planet and threatens the entire universe. The story takes place 20 billion years from now and is extremely complex. 3 seasons long, but I just need one season made to present to investors. Emphasize on:

-breathtaking lands/world’s
-character dynamics
-advanced futuristic technology

I am an artist, writer, and philosipher, so I will compose all the characters, worlds, and everything else. Im looking for someone to create the comicbook(Manga) version, since I am limited on time and limited on drawing skills.

-Please ONLY APPLY if you have experience making studio quality MANGA comic work.

-With all due respect, Book covers, web logos, and kids works donot qualify as the experience needed.

Contact through Upwork.com: Pedro Ortiz

Website: https://www.upwork.com/job/Manga-artist-Comic-book-artist_~016700c2aec5f0328d/

The Correct Way to Write Anime/Manga Reviews? — Fujinsei

I’m not exactly sure why, but I often receive e-mails asking for advice on how to write anime/manga reviews “correctly”. Not that I’m complaining on being asked. It’s just that I don’t consider myself a reviewer unlike many anibloggers. I’m more of an entertainer, unintentional commedienne, occasional translator, and—my favourite—fandom promoter. A mouthful, I know, so […]

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#BannedBooksWeek: I Celebrate Diversity!

From September 25th to October 1st, authors, readers, publishers, and constitutional right advocates will celebrate books that have been banned for whatever reasons. This year, Banned Books Week is looking at diversity. Although diversity isn’t a new word, some may imagine diversity as a person of color. Diversity, however, includes people who are of different appearance, ethnicity, religion, gender and gender identity, age, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, military status, and economic status.

The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom has shown that 52% of the books challenged or banned in the past 10 years were from diverse content (Association of American Publishers).

Without diversity, there wouldn’t be an anime industry since anime and manga come from Japan.


Did you know that Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama is a banned book in the United States?


Barefoot Gen by Keiji Nakazawa has been challenged–not quite banned but noticed–for its discrimination and violence.

There are other manga and graphic novels by Japanese creators who have faced or are currently facing censorship around the world. Can you think of any others?