Jaded Support

I support lots of websites and organizations. Here are some comic and censorship-related ones:

The now-defunct Anime3000 was an anime, manga, and gaming network that connected fans with Japan-related content. I was a host for the Manga Corner and an associate editor at Anime3000.

Anime Ascendant is a website dedicated to helping anime and Japan-related clubs with free advice, small scholarships, and club activities. This is my secondary website for those who need help with their clubs as I have held many positions in different clubs and organizations.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, or CBLDF, is a non-profit legal organization that protects the First Amendment rights of the comics and reading community. Manga is not a Crime campaign is also part of the CBLDF umbrella. I am a firm believer of legal defenses against injustices, especially the ones that violate free speech.

Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme, or the JET Programme, is a program that sends native English speakers to Japan under a one-year renewable contract to work in elementary, middle, and high schools. I have been in this program for almost 5 years.

Reading Rainbow was a TV show that promoted books to children and teens from 1983 to 2006 hosted by LeVar Burton (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Roots). It is returning in the form of an app and online content.

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