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Manga Creator Jobs

This section is for manga creators looking for freelance work. Updated: 1/21/2017

Black Manga comic

Deadline: January 31, 2017

Job Details:

I would like to create a black manga comic book with your help and expertise to achieve this. I use manga studio but not good at all and I have not got the time or patience to create this comic. I want to get this comic launched this year.

Contact through Sinclaire Cole


Graphic Novel Manga Artist

Deadline: Until Filled

Job Details:

The Crocodile Princess: A Wuxia Martial Arts Fantasy Novel of Old China
Keller Entertainment Group Los Angeles is looking for a Graphic Novel Manga artist to illustrate a Graphic Novel. Will be 200 drawings in color high resolution. Good success fee if novel is sold and generates revenue.

KEG is a small  production company geared towards script development and film making. We believe that quality storytelling is the driving force of all great films that stand the test of time and truly inspire. Please be familiar with graphic novel/comic book semi realistic manga art. Know how to draw action and martial art fighting. Please see below for summary and see attached ofr desired images and outline of Graphic Novel wich you will illustrate.

So if you’re a manga artist and are interested in this position please send along your resume and sample manga drawings that you think will fit. You will have an English language graphic novel script on which to create your drawings.

Contact through Max Keller


Manga artist/Comic book artist

Deadline: March 6, 2017

Job Details:

I am creating a groundbreaking action packed Manga and I’m in need of an illustrator to complete a black and white comic book version, 1 season long, 20 issues(roughly 15-20 pages). This job is preferably for someone with advance manga drawing experience, comic book experience, and/or experience creating digital comics. I’m willing to pay $200 per b/w issue and $100 per colored cover for each issue.

Seeds of Arcadia is a three part series about a wormhole leading to a massive planet holding other wormholes. While they search for other wormholes, the human teleks must battle a dangerous AI that has made its way onto the planet and threatens the entire universe. The story takes place 20 billion years from now and is extremely complex. 3 seasons long, but I just need one season made to present to investors. Emphasize on:

-breathtaking lands/world’s
-character dynamics
-advanced futuristic technology

I am an artist, writer, and philosipher, so I will compose all the characters, worlds, and everything else. Im looking for someone to create the comicbook(Manga) version, since I am limited on time and limited on drawing skills.

-Please ONLY APPLY if you have experience making studio quality MANGA comic work.

-With all due respect, Book covers, web logos, and kids works donot qualify as the experience needed.

Contact through Pedro Ortiz



Your Bucket List: How Do I Get to Japan?


“How do I get to Japan?”

Aside from stowing away in a friend’s suitcase for Tokyo, getting to Japan is easy. It depends on your desire. Do you want to work, play, study, or tour?

If you’re looking to play in Japan or tour the sights, you could do it the old-fashioned way and buy a plane ticket. You’ll be shelling out around $1,000 for a round-trip ticket–a definite hole in some shallow pockets. The other way to get to Japan is by joining your city’s sister cities program. “My city has a sister city?” Most cities, even the small ones, have a sister city in a different country. I came to Japan for nearly half the cost because the City of Chula Vista did a summer sister city exchange program in Odawara. If you go this route, you’ll be a representative, which means you’ll have some obligations to fulfill before seeing sights. As a representative, you’ll get to see places and things that you wouldn’t see if you were just a tourist.

Bottom line: Try to go to Japan on someone else’s bill.

If you want to study in Japan, there are various programs to try. The first one to try is your own school. Many high schools and universities have a short-stay (two weeks to three months) exchange program or a long-stay (eight months to one year) exchange program. In universities with strong international programs, you could arrange to study for a year in a coordinating Japanese university paying the same tuition for your regular university. Aside from the universities, some places in Japan offer a chance for foreigners to come to Japan simply for studying manga techniques or the Japanese language. These programs, however, are usually limited space and short-stay programs, but they still give you a glimpse into Japanese culture. There are a few programs in schools intended for job placement in Japan, such as Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. You can also check out my post on manga classes offered to foreigners.

Bottom line: Use the easiest route first and learn some Japanese.

If you want to work in Japan, you’ll have to do one of two things: come to Japan and find work within three months or apply through a program in your home country and get the job before coming to Japan. The latter is easier to do because programs like the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (J.E.T. Programme) and the Interact Network provide some assistance in getting your visa and plane tickets and helping you settle into your new home in Japan. Coming directly to Japan and looking for work on a visitor’s permit is more stressful because of the time restrictions. If you arrive after April, you miss the hiring season, lowering the chances of finding a job. If you arrive between January and April, the chances of finding a job is higher since most work contracts end in April.

Bottom line: Apply before coming Japan or arrive before April for the hiring season.

If you want to “accomplish your dreams”, remember that dreams require work. Most young people want to be a manga artist. As Jamie Lano of suggested, read Bakuman. It’s not as glamorous as most people might think, but if you’re willing to shed some sweat and tears–and maybe blood–you’ll find yourself gaining wholesome experiences.

Bottom line: Look before you leap, and work for your dreams.

頑張ってください!Good luck!