As an English teacher in Japan…

As an English teacher in Japan, you realize:

1. How horrible your penmanship is.

2.  How difficult it is to explain English grammar

3. That English can be fun in class

4. How hard English is to learn as a second language

5. How hard English is to teach as a second language

6. That the Japanese teachers write on the blackboards way straighter and better than you

7. That English is a strange language

8. That you’re no speech therapist, but you sure as hell have to try to teach kids how to say “R” and “L” words

9. That your whining about your classes or students will probably go unheard

10. That stickers and candy can get the laziest student to do the activities

One thought on “As an English teacher in Japan…

  1. Hey I found this post while I was browsing Education-tagged posts and really enjoyed it. I’m teaching English at a private school in Mongolia right now and could put a check mark next to most of these! (Maybe even two or three checks next to numbers 3, 5, and 7…)
    English is a messed up language and if I ever catch myself teasing someone who’s having difficulty learning it I’ll remember to slap myself upside the head.

    Thanks for writing! 🙂

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