Spring has Come, and so has Allergies

I don’t have allergies, but my husband does, so this year, when I thought he would be the only one sneezing and hacking, I found myself having allergies as well. What the heck, Spring?
Recently, we found out that we weren’t the only sniffling sneezers around. Every minute, we could hear another tenant in our sea-breezed apartment either sneeze or cough. Even with a nice ocean breeze, we all have bad allergies, even people who don’t get allergies. What the heck, Spring?
It turns out that this year is the worst year of allergies. With the rise of global warming, winters become shorter and springs get longer, so flowers produce more pollen earlier. The pollen and increased heat from global warming combined can cause any non-allergic people to start sneezing.
The best way to overcome allergies is to use an AC in your home, drink a lot of water, wear cold masks, and if needed, take an allergy-fighting medicine (beware of medicines that cause drowsiness). If your eyes swell or become itchy, using a piece of ice wrapped in a paper towel or refrigerated teabags can reduced the swelling and redness. For the nose, put some lotion or moisturizer on it to keep it from drying out and becoming painful. And, in all cases, keep boxes of tissues nearby. It’ll come in handy!

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