Pasta in Odawara

I love pasta! It’s one of my most favorite foods, so I eat it a lot. When we went to Odawara, my husband told my friend a story about how I disliked a pasta dish at Eastlake’s Cheesecake Factory. The noodles were undercooked and the seasonings weren’t mixed together in a flavorful way. I had it sent back twice, and in the end, the dish was the same.
Somehow, I was marked as being a princess. I mean, if I was paying $10 for plate of pasta AND had to wait nearly 30 minutes for it to be made, don’t you think it should be a great plate of pasta?
So, my husband embellished the story-as he does with every anecdote-and made my Odawara friend believe that I would hurl the plate of pasta from Odawara Station’s Excelsior Cafe into someone’s face if it wasn’t good enough.
The pasta was ok, leaning toward good. I really liked the flavor of the sauce, but the seasonings didn’t completely meld together. Still, it was cheap and fast and presented well. If I’m going to pay around $10 for a plate, it shouldn’t be bad or slow. I mean, it’s pasta!

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