For Manga Artists

For aspiring manga artists and those looking for comic tools who live outside of Japan, here are several posts that will guide you.







Online Resources:

Aspiring Mangaka & Writers Club (jobs)

Getting into Anime and Manga and the Tools You’ll Need (tutorial list)

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    • That’s great! I hope you’re practicing your artistic, writing, storytelling, and Japanese language abilities 🙂 They’ll all come in handy for becoming a pro!

  3. hi im a year 10 student and want to be a manga art student and I would like to know if this would be able for English students and if you could inform me on my email which is if you do have this for English students I have a friend who loves anime the same as me who would be grateful to be accepted here plus could I know the city and town if I cannot show would you be able to do online work thanks hope to keep in touch

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