What Manga Creation Things Do You Need?

Here’s a poll for all manga creators and dabblers:

Why’s this here? What you ask for may be what you get! Please look at “To Manga Artists” to see the screentones, pens, deals, online courses, and communities dedicated to manga and comic book artists.

4 thoughts on “What Manga Creation Things Do You Need?

  1. I used to get oversized Bristol paper in the States, but can’t find any here. Good pens and charcoal pencils are available at stationary stores.

    (Can I answer about art and drawing in general?)

    I’ve always been quite behind on the digital aspect…. 🙁

    Your answer, what’s most important to you?

  2. I don’t think you *need* any of those things! Sure, I prefer bristol board to cartridge paper, but I will (and have) drawn on anything that’s within arms’ length. All I *really* need is an idea.

    Honestly, I really think all these ‘manga’ branded equipment they advertise in the art shops is just a targeted marketing scheme. We all have different preferred pens, different favourite papers and tools to create the art we love!

    • I totally agree! Some things are just branded that way to make sales. I do think that while some people already have a set style, beginners and people looking to expand their art need different things to make their art happen. For me, it’s pens, so I’d not recommend Sakura or Faber brand “manga” pens (they’re expensive for the poor quality). For you and Ray, it’s bristol board. I hope that aspiring artists can find what they need–besides an idea, which is the most important above all–and make their air happen.

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