Free (Weekend) Screentones Giveaway 2015


In honor of Jade’s Escape’s most popular post, “Screentones for Manga Artists Outside of Japan”, I held a quick giveaway to win free screentones straight from Japan.

The winner of this giveaway is Coco from freelance manga editor/letterer, Coco, who will get a pack of traditional screentones from Japan.

Check out Coco’s website on her lettering and editing adventures at or her Twitter @cgcornett.


Here is last year’s screentone giveaway winner!


The winner of the 2014 Free Screentone Giveaway  was SYS, an Indonesian manga artist of Sang Sayur (The Edibles). She not only claims several packs of screentones but an Attack on Titan puccho, or soft chew, candy (only in Japan) and a few other treats that’re only in Japan.

Want to win stuff straight from Japan? Look for the next contest announcement in Jade’s Escape’s posts!

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