Otaku USA Releases The Very Best Anime Guide! e-Book for Free

Lesley's Anime and Manga Corner

Otaku USA Magazine has just published a free guide to the best anime, according to their editors. The new e-Book is available for download via the Otaku USA Magazine website, and includes features and reviews of over 27 of the top anime of all time, according to the Otaku USA staff. The special free issue, titled The Very Best Anime Guide!, also includes many full color illustrations, stills, and key art from the series and films in question.

In addition to features and reviews, The Very Best Anime Guide! includes a contributors list of personal favorite anime of all time, along with the reasons why these still resonate to this day. There are also several additional Top 5 lists, placing many fan-favorite shows and movies in the spotlight somewhere in the guide. Some of the anime listed include timeless classics like Akira, Galaxy Express 999, and Cowboy…

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