This Week: The Worst Stop (Cyber)Bullying Day

Topic: Stop (Cyber)Bullying Day

Manga: Worst by Hiroshi Takahashi

Bullying is something that happens everywhere: school, work, the playground, even at home. We as humans are culprits and victims to this circular action. We are bullied by our parents, relatives, so-called friends, and strangers, and to feel better about ourselves, we also bully our kids, siblings, schoolmates, and minorities. At the heart of bullies–and really, all of us–is a scared little person. We’re all capable of lashing out in trying to appease that little heart dweller, but until we recognize that we are being bullied and we get out of that situation, we’ll always be afraid.

However horrible bullying is, it’s no reason to feel down about yourself nor turn to violence. From an otaku perspective–which is, in essence, being a nerd and geek–having a bully only means that somebody else has a shorter self-esteem than you. Normally picking on others is a way of making themselves feel superior. Sometimes, it’s just a form of control that they don’t have at home or in their past.

In Hiroshi Takahashi’s Worst manga, the main character, Hana, is really strong, but he’s also very nice. He rooms with four other freshmen boys in a boarding house run by a yakuza man. Although the personality types in the house are known for bullying and fighting, it’s Hana who diffuses the tension and breaks barriers with his optimism. He strays from being a typical delinquent by keeping a clear line between good and bad which to some characters (and people, too) is strange to find in his age.

Similar to Hana, I’d have to say it’s not the end of the world if somebody does bully you. It’s never really about you and it’s never your fault. They probably feel threatened by you because they’re jealous–you seem to be in control of your life or you have some attribute they wish they had. Sometimes its just that you seem weak because you’re a child or you’re a girl or you’re a smaller person, so bullies jab at you. It’s not your fault.

As simple as this sounds, it’s not easy to just walk away and leave it alone, but it’s the best route. Getting into a fight with a bully doesn’t help anyone or anything, and sometimes, it’s exactly what a bully wants–a license to bring you down.

Just think of it this way in the long run: Geeks and nerds rule the world. Bill Gates (nerd), Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump– do you think they’re stupid? They certainly aren’t, but I bet in high school, people thought they looked like nobodies.

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