Valentine’s Day in Japan

I always thought that the way manga and anime depicted Valentine’s Day–with girls making chocolate and confessing their hidden feelings to a boy–wasn’t a truedepiction of the day in Japan. I was wrong.


I learned about oppai choco, or boobs chocolate. How I got this beautiful, tit-shaped chocolate is amazing to me. One of the Yakuit-brand ladies came to my school to sell healthy Yakuit yogurts and drinks. Because it was Valentine’s Day, they gave all their customers a sa-bisu (“service”) chocolate–the boobs chocolate. The vice principal, the office workers, the teachers, we all received this edible nipple in return for buying healthy food.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day in Japan

  1. WTF?? I had seen enough of fanservice in Manga and Anime, but not in things like this….. This is taking it to a whole new level (or may be this kind of “service” predates the one in media).

    I hope that when you say “all their customers…” you don’t also mean fifth graders….

    • Well, if fifth graders are Yakuit’s customers, then yes, it does mean them. It’s not seen as a bad or perverted thing, though. It’s just for kicks.

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