Different Country, Different Candy

The wonderful world of Japanese candy includes a lot of Western candy, but the flavors are different. This Kit-Kat bar is a strawberry shortcake flavor bar, a flavor I have yet to see in the U.S. Even though strawberry shortcakes are notorious for their high sugar content, this Japanese spin on an old favorite concentrates on the taste, not the amount of sugar.

3 thoughts on “Different Country, Different Candy

  1. JDizzle, I didn’t know you had a consistent blog going! Lovely! Feel free to send some of that delicious candy back here! That Kit Kat looks awesome.

    • Yup! It’s like my record of my time in Japan, hence the blog’s name, Jade’s Escape. Feel free to comment! Do you really want some Japanese candy? I could send you some… 😀

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