Yokatta! Mexican Food in Okinawa

I’m from San Diego, home of many taco shops. Most are mom and pop shops, and they’re pretty good. Now that I live in Okinawa, it’s hard finding good Mexican food. After a year, I trekked out to Obbligato’s with my husband to try the food. It turned out to be a piece of back home.
Once you step into the restaurant, there’s a fresh atmosphere that greets you. The interioi itself draws from Mexican decor, with walls painted vibrant colors of red, green, and yellow. Sombreros and Mexican-themed kitsch also decorated the walls.
Our servers wore traditional pink and orange Mexican blouses, puffy at sleeves, low at the chest, and frilly to the max. They promptly bought menus, which were short but filled with pictures. Immediately, we ordered macho nachos, chimichanga combination plate, and a summer special plate. The macho nachos were huge, enough to satisfy three ravenous people. It came with guacamole, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, cheese and refried beans over flaky, crispy chips that seemed like corn tortila chips. The presentation itself was influenced by Japanese taste–a lot neater and easier to eat, minus the mess.
When the combo plates came, we were amazed by the quantity and quality. The plates were big and brimming with Spanish rice, beans, and shredded pork. My husband’s plate had only chimichangas, and mine had a chimichanga, a crunchy taco, and an enchalada. All tasted great and very close to authentic Mexican food.
The only thing that was below par was the salsa. It tasted more like spaghetti sauce than tomato salsa. My husband fixed that problem the second time we went; he brought his favorite salsa.

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