It almost feels like I’ve never left the United States! There’s an excitement making its way through the air, but I can’t seem to fully breathe it in. Maybe it’s my anxiety in being abroad, being by myself, and being who I am in a different country, and in doing so, I refuse to acknowledge the reality of my situation.

This is my dream. I wanted to stay in Japan at some point in my life. Nothing permanent, just experience it, and here I am!

Since our arrival in Tokyo, all of us JET participants have been going through orientation. What’s this and why that gets answered. I also get to practice my Japanese, which is something I’m looking forward to learning. Small goals, they say, and you’ll get through everything.

The only time reality sinks in is when I talk to my boyfriend online. He’s more than my boyfriend–he’s my best friend. Whenever he emails me, I remember where I’m at, where he isn’t, and I feel sad. Then, he makes me laugh and he reminds me that I’m away from him because I’m pursuing my destiny. I’m grateful for this opportunity and having him in my life. I get a rare chance to become a stronger and better person by making connections with strangers and maintaining a long-distance relationship.

View from Keio Plaza Hotel

View from the 43rd Floor of Keio Plaza Hotel

The first few days being in Tokyo are a blur really. I found this fantastic view on the 43rd floor of the Keio Plaza Hotel yesterday. It was breath-taking to see all of the buildings vanish into the horizon. I find it amusing how no matter times I see this landscape of skyscrapers and man-made forests of steel, I still find it fascinating.

I have been meeting so many people, all so great and wonderful. We’re all very very tired thanks to back-to-back meetings, workshops, and have-to’s, but we’re all very excited to reach our base schools and see what being an ALT is really about.

Supposedly there’s 4 stages: euphoria, hostility and depression, gradual adjustment, and complete acceptance. I don’t know what stage I’m in, but I’m supposed to hit these stages sooner or later. I know that whatever happens, I’ll probably do my whole breakdown when I get to my new apartment. We’ll see, but for now, I still don’t believe I’m in Japan!

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